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Trig Medical’s products leverage position tracking and ultrasound imaging technology to give physicians, nurses and midwives images and information to improve care. The company mission is to become a standard of care in labor and delivery monitoring, and interventional ultrasound guidance.

Trig Medical has developed LaborPro™ - a labor and delivery monitoring system that provides the medical staff with non-invasive, ultrasound-based, accurate and objective information that allows for better decision-making, increasing the safety and comfort of mother and baby. The system is designed in a way that gives assurance to women in labor.


Trig's second product, the TrigGuide™ system enables physicians to independently position both the needle and ultrasound transducer for the safest target access and best imaging before the insertion, plan the procedure, and then monitor the needles progress and avoid accidental contact with undesired organs throughout the procedure.

Trig Medical is currently starting sales in the US and EU.

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