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Advanced Technology
Bullet 14 Uses Ultrasound Imaging for Non Invasive Automatic, Accurate Determination of:
   Bullet 16 Head Station 
   Bullet 16 Head Position 
   Bullet 16 Head Descent
Bullet 14 Radiation Free Measurement of Pelvic Diameters
Bullet 14 Precise Cervical Dilatation and Length Measurements
Bullet 14 Real time, 3-D Visualization of Vacuum extraction (WIP)


LaborPro Clip


Bullet 14 Supports Critical Decision-Making
Bullet 14 For Pre-Term and Term Deliveries
Bullet 14 Simple to Use, Quick to Learn
Bullet 14 Automatic 'Hands Free' Medical Records

The Problem
Traditional vaginal examination remains the 'gold standard' for evaluating fetal head station and position, as well as cervical dilatation in labor. This, despite the fact that it has been demonstrated to be subjective and often inaccurate and may result in the mismanagement of non-progressive labor, unnecessary cesarean sections, or the improper use of vacuum and forceps - all of which carry the increased risk of maternal / fetal trauma.

LaborPro - The Innovative Solution
The LaborPro system combines proven position tracking technology with advanced ultrasound imaging to objectively determine these critical parameters.
First, the maternal pelvis is mapped by marking known points on the pelvis. Then known fetal head landmarks are marked on the ultrasound image, enabling LaborPro to determine the spatial position of the fetal head in relation to the pelvic inlet plane and the birth canal.As a result, LaborPro accurately measures critical parameters of labor in active support of the decision-making process:

Automatic Head Station, Head Position & Head Descent
LaborPro automatically computes data from the ultrasound image landmarks (BPD, head tip, orbits etc.) providing precise measurement of fetal head station, head position and head descent during contractions in relation to pelvic inlet plane and birth canal.

Radiation-Free Measurement of Pelvic Diameters
By marking known landmarks of maternal pelvis using ultrasound images or positioning sensor, LaborPro provides measurements of pelvic diameters (i.e. interspinous diameter and pubis arch angle).

Cervical Dilation & Cervical Length
During vaginal examination, a miniaturized sensor is attached to the examiner's finger enabling objective assessment of cervical dilatation and length.

Real time, 3-D Visualization of Vacuum extraction
By attaching a miniature positioning sensor to the vacuum cup, the LaborPro provides a real time, 3-D visualization of the fetal head movement along the vacuum extraction procedure (WIP).

Comprehensive Labor Record
In 'hands free' mode LaborPro automatically displays and stores all labor progression parameters, as well as FHR and uterine contractions. This data can be used as a decision support tool, and is also archived for offline review.






Station determination by infra-pubic ultrasound

Station determination by infra-pubic ultrasound

LaborPro screen integrating all labor parameters

LaborPro screen integrating all labor parameters

FDA approved






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